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We added photos in most galleries. Look at!

We added new photos in galleries gate, small production, iron construction

We have added new photos of our works to galleries. Visit the Grids Gallery, Gazebos, Railings, Fences and more.

In the photo galleries you will find new photos, especially stainless handrails, galvanized railing and more.

We have added new photos of our work to the galleries: Fences and Gates, railing, grids, gate.

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Our company deals with custom metal production. During the production and subsequent assembly we use only high quality and proven materials.
  We will discuss your requirements in detail, we will be happy to advise you when choosing the ideal solution and we will be happy to prepare a quotation for you. When custom made, we work not only with metal materials but also with wood. Of course, transport and professional assembly of the ordered products is a matter of course.

Products tailored to customers:
  • Gate systems and fencing of objects including assembly and surface treatment
  • window grilles including installation and finishing
  • railing (including stainless steel)
  • staircases including surface treatment and selected walkers (even wooden ones)
  • renovation and repair of trailers

Surface treatment of metallic materials:
  • hot dip galvanizing (long service life)
  • surface treatment with high-quality colors
  • Stainless materials


We also offer maintenance of park equipment

Reconstruction of park equipment is our next activity. This activity is connected with the design and delivery of high quality, robust and safe elements with minimal maintenance requirements. We offer professional work with high quality design and long-term warranty

Our activities in the field of reconstruction and maintenance
  • sports facilities
  • Rest rooms
  • public spaces
  • pedestrian zones, urban furniture
  • social areas and parks
  • school area
  • exteriors and interiors of the facility



Our other activities:


Repair and maintenance of sliding conveyors Best  Reach BR3150-800 by the English company Best Conveyors